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Even the most social butterfly has probably had a moment of extreme loneliness. What to do? If you’re Ryan Gosling in Craig Gillespie’s “Lars and the Real Girl” you order yourself a Real Doll off the Internet, convince your family that you’re clinically insane and incorporate her into your smalltown life. Wednesday night, an audience including Amy Sedaris, Tara Subkoff and Bill Paxton tucked into the Paris Theatre for a special screening of the film and repaired to Brasserie 8 1/2 for a dinner of dim sum and pasta afterwards.

As Lars, Gosling truly believes his Real Doll, Bianca, is, well, real. You would think it might prove a challenging acting gig, but he said it was quite the opposite: He actually prefers her to the real thing. “I want to make all my pictures with her,” he said. “She was fascinating.”

Thankfully, some people still like women. Downtown, Cate Blanchett, Lauren Bacall, Val Kilmer and L.L. Cool J filed into the Tribeca Grand hotel for a screening of “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”, hosted by the Cinema Society. During one particularly tense scene, the film strip suddenly broke. As the projectionists scrambled to fix the technical difficulty, one impatient audience member yelled, “tell us what happens next, Cate!” But, before the star could respond, the film resumed.

Afterwards, guests headed a few blocks north to a buffet dinner at the penthouse of the SoHo Grand, where the lady of the hour reflected on her experience playing the iconic monarch. “I never have diva moments,” the actress said. “It simply would not be tolerated at home.”

The same sentence could not honestly be uttered by some of the doyennes who filed into the first tier of Carnegie Hall for the theater’s annual benefit featuring David Robertson and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra. Annette de la Renta, Barbara Walters, Mercedes Bass, Marie-Josée Kravis, Judy Peabody and Clarissa Bronfman arrived in their best finery for an inspired performance by pianist Murray Perahia. But the ladies seemed to turn into pumpkins afterwards, as few made the trip to the Waldorf-Astoria for the post-performance dinner.

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