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Friday was a beautiful day in Sagaponack. As I returned home from my morning run pushing my toddler daughter, Zoe, in the running stroller, I saw an optimistic Obama on the news talking about the economy. Job numbers have improved. Let the recovery rally begin!

How appropriate, then, that I was off to a Valentino lunch Heather Mnuchin hosted at her exquisite Southampton home, where everyone was in good spirits. I arrived in my Toyota pick-up truck and all the fabulous ladies were dressed to the nines. Those in attendance included Kelly Sugarman, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Mimi So (who designed the cuff I wore with my black-and-turquoise Versace neoprene dress), Jamee Gregory, Kim Heirston, Lisa Fields, Denise Rich and Erica Samuels, not to mention all the mannequins showing off the Valentino fall collection. I just adored the sheer green and black look styled by Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn.

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After lunch, I traded my wet suit-esque dress for a real wet suit, heading to Sagaponack’s Sagg Main Beach to test drive my new Meyerhoffer surfboard. Made by Thomas Meyerhoffer, a former Apple designer who worked on the original iMac, the board is as sleek and cool as it gets — everyone on the beach stopped to ask me what it was! The board has a curvy, hourglass shape, and is sold at various Hamptons surf shops. I think this will be the next trend for the fashion-forward surfers! I’ve already custom-ordered a blue one.

My inaugural ride was amazing. I got up and surfed the first wave I caught — smiles! It was such fun I stayed out for over an hour. Back on shore, my husband and daughter were waiting for me. Zoe exclaimed, “Mommy go surf, Mommy go surf!” in her adorable 21-month-old voice. After putting Zoe to bed, my husband and I ended the evening with dinner at Nick & Toni’s. Fait accompli — the perfect Hamptons day.

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