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The artist Richard Phillips may have been at Cynthia Rowley and Bullett Magazine’s party on the Lower East Side on Friday night, but he still had thoughts about the previous night’s RETNA opening and its “Eighties, Keith Haring vibe.” This was particularly ironic, as several notables in attendance were famous in the subsequent decade, the Nineties. Julia Stiles and Vanessa Carlton, to name two, posed for a few photos before retreating to the bar to chat.

The invitation for the party promised “musical contributions by James Franco,” prompting some guests to riff off the actor’s recent Oscar-nominated role in the “127 Hours.”

“Which musical instruments can you play with one arm?” one mused aloud.

But it was all for naught, as disappointed revelers later learned that in fact, “musical contribution” meant Franco had “helped select the music for the show and party.”

Tim Shifter was on hand, as was DJ duo Andrew Andrew, who were acting as press themselves, interviewing Rowley, Phillips, Malik So Chic and others using an iPhone as a video camera.

Later in the night Francophiles and friends piled into the pop-up Le Baron at Le Bain for the Kitsuné Parisien Party with André Saraiva and Gildas Loaëc. Revelers poured back and forth from the Top of the Standard and Le Bain, dancing to their hearts’ content until the wee hours of the morning. GrandMarnier, Leyla & Ben Heartsrevolution and Annabelle and Alexander Dexter-Jones were all slotted to take their turns spinning for the party, but Annabelle Dexter-Jones let her brother, who has regular slot at Le Bain, take the gig solo. She stayed home to rest up before walking for her sister, Charlotte Ronson, the following afternoon.

<p>Vanessa Carlton and Julia Stiles</p>

Photo By: Scott Rudd

<p>Cynthia Rowley</p>

Photo By: Scott Rudd

<p>Richard Phillips</p>

Photo By: Scott Rudd

<p>Tim Schifter</p>

Photo By: Scott Rudd

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