Indie film darling Greta Gerwig was perched in the front row of Yigal Azrouël’s show Tuesday night, soaking in the atmosphere of fashion week. The actress, who was acclaimed for her performance this year in “Greenberg,” co-starring Ben Stiller, had been shooting the “Arthur” remake with Jennifer Garner and Helen Mirren, wrapping at 7 a.m., yet she looked fresh in one of Azrouël’s designs. Gerwig dished with WWD about indie versus studio films, the beauty of fashion shows and artistic craziness.

WWD: What was it like doing “Arthur”?

Greta Gerwig: It felt collaborative. I think people usually think big movies are going to be like the movie machine, this hegemonic thing you get pushed through and it so wasn’t that. And I’m so depressed it’s over, but I was like, I’ll quell my tears with fashion.

WWD: How do you balance your work between big movies and indies?

G.G.: It seems to find a natural balance, so far. In two weeks I’m starting Whit Stillman’s new film, called “Damsels in Distress.” I play a girl named Violet who runs a suicide-prevention center at a liberal arts college. She prevents suicides through the powers of Thirties song-and-dance numbers. So it’s a very dark comedy. I’m not really worried about my indie cred. I don’t think there’s any danger of me going, “I only do franchises now.”

WWD: Is this your first fashion show?

G.G.: No, it’s not. My first fashion show — that honor goes to Cynthia Rowley last year. She met me at a party and said, “Go find that blonde girl!”

WWD: What’s your take on the fashion world?

G.G.: I was a scholarship kid at Barnard and I knew about this part of New York, but I wasn’t a part of it at all. It feels surreal to even be participating in it at all. I love it. It’s all these beautiful girls wearing beautiful things.

WWD: Who do you think is crazier: indie cinema people or fashion people?

G.G.: I know more about the crazy cinema people. But I think fashion people and anyone who’s an artist of any kind, there’s a deep hole in them they keep trying to get other people to fill. You’re only around people who have the same hole, so then everyone’s just standing around waiting for people to validate them, so it’s kind of a lot narcissism and neediness. But in a nice way.

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