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“It’s a labor of love, I’m relieved it’s over,” Prabal Gurung said of designing his most recent collection before sitting down to a celebratory postshow dinner in the back garden of The Waverly Inn on Saturday night. Maggie Betts, seated directly across the table, compared his design process to wearing 5-inch heels for over 12 hours.

“Beauty is pain! That’s what I always say,” Gurung laughed. The designer cut a sort of tanner-James-Dean-figure, in a white T-shirt with the sleeves scrunched up over his biceps and a wry grin on his face.

Once guests were seated, John Demsey, whose MAC Cosmetics hosted the three-course dinner, toasted Gurung.

“Thank you, Prabal, for having us in on the ground floor with you,” he said. “It’s been an absolute pleasure watching you grow. Hopefully we’ll be together for many years to come. To you, and your future successes…I had a longer toast I’d written, but I can’t see it.”

The lighting scheme was ambient, certainly, but soothing to a crowd who had already been to a few fashion week parties this week. Jessica Joffe, Alina Cho and Kyle Hotchkiss Carone sat with Demsey. Betts and Mia Moretti shared a table near Gurung. Moretti was happily considering what she’d spin at the after-after party postdinner at Double-7.

“I’m a DJ, I play music,” she offered.

Was her ensemble Gurung’s design?

“Oh, yes!” Moretti enthused. “Any excuse to wear his stuff. I’m a total Prabal whore. I am a whore for Prabal!”

<p>Maggie Betts and Prabal Gurung</p>

Photo By: Jimi Celeste

<p>John Dempsey and Alina Cho</p>

Photo By: Jimi Celeste

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