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On Saturday night at the penthouse of The Standard East Village, Prabal Gurung was fresh from a post-show nap and was pondering his karaoke choices with Mia Moretti.

“You know what I can sing?” designer said. “Kings of Leon, “Sex On Fire.”

Moretti, who sported a wreath of flowers around her updo as is her occasional wont, smiled. “That would be…ambitious,” the DJ said. “My best friend and I have a list of songs you can sing at karaoke without a voice. Like Janis Joplin, ‘Me and Bobby McGee.’”

“What else?” Gurung asked with a smile.

“‘That’s Amore,’” Moretti said.

Gurung was hosting a post-show dinner with Linda Farrow’s Tracy Sedino in the expansive suite ahead of a more raucous after party downstairs at Chez Andre, the hotel’s pop-up, subterranean live karaoke bar. Barbara Bush, Maggie Betts, Monique Pean, Liu Wen and Irina Lazareanu were among the early crowd upstairs. As the singalong theatrics weren’t due to start until much later in the evening, a few guests let out some pent up energy before the main course was served. An impromptu walk-off took form on the suite’s rain-soaked balcony with the city skyline as a backdrop.

Gurung, natch, closed the show.

<p>Irina Lazareanu</p>

Photo By: Evan Falk

<p>Prabal Gurung and Barbara Bush</p>

Photo By: Evan Falk

<p>Liu Wen</p>

Photo By: Evan Falk

<p>Mia Moretti</p>

Photo By: Evan Falk

<p>Andrej Pejić</p>

Photo By: Evan Falk

<p>Tracy Sedino and Prabal Gurung</p>

Photo By: Evan Falk

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