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MATERIAL WORLD: Vanessa Seward unveiled her capsule collection for A.P.C. at a cocktail party in Paris on Monday night. “Bravo!” exclaimed actress Valérie Lemercier, who recognized one of the fabrics from costumes Seward designed for her in the film, “Main dans la Main” (“Hand in Hand” in English), directed by Valérie Donzelli, who was also in attendance. In the forthcoming film, Lemercier plays a dance director for the Paris opera.

Director Wes Anderson said he has a new film coming out in May called “Moonrise Kingdom.” Lingerie designer Fifi Chachnil said she was releasing a “swing and twist” album called “Mademoiselle Fifi,” and a perfume called “Fifi,” which is meant to evoke femininity and its contradictions. “Women contradict themselves, but that’s our power,” she said.

<p>Eugenie Niarchos and Vanessa Seward</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

<p>Victoire de Castellane and Yazbukey</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

<p>Wes Anderson and Jean-Baptiste Mondino</p>

Photo By: Dominique Maitre

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