NEW YORK —The fashion crowd usually runs in the other direction when it comes to the issue of aging, but the group that gathered Wednesday night for Rachel Feinstein’s opening at the Marianne Boesky Gallery, including John Currin, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Tara Subkoff, Steve Martin, Jessica Craig-Martin, Yvonne Force Villareal and Amanda Brooks, couldn’t stop gushing about Feinstein’s droopy-fleshed grandes dames in musty rococo finery that decorated the walls.

“It’s like Paris Hilton in 100 years,” laughed Cynthia Rowley as she eyed a pastel of an elderly lady holding a small dog-like deer.

Making a late entrance, Feinstein turned heads with a pile of banana curls pulled into a high ponytail and a coquettish baby blue baby-doll Marc Jacobs outfit that accentuated her bump. (She is pregnant with her second child.) Feinstein was eager to lead a crowd of close friends, including Jacobs, to the perfect vantage point to view the back of a sculpture, accented with a distinct pair of buttocks.

“Look,” she pointed, “that’s a cast of my ass. It’s a m-‘assss’-ter work.” Then she pressed herself against the wall, face forward, to demonstrate how she modeled for the sculpture.

“That’s a very classical ass,” one man said.

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