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Anyone in fashion who cares at all about football knows there’s only one after party where you can both hobnob and watch the Super Bowl: Diane von Furstenberg’s. This February, the designer brought a massive television screen to her downtown studio so her 200 or so guests could get a piece of the action. Of course, not everyone was a die-hard football fan.

“I only care about the Super Bowl because New York is in it,” said Ellen Barkin, who huddled in the corner with Susan Sarandon for a chitchat and a couple of smokes. Plus, Barkin added, football guys are not really her type. “I prefer a swimmer’s body.”

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“Yeah,” laughed Sarandon. “I think if they look better wearing a helmet than not, then they’re made to play football.”

As David Tyree made the acrobatic catch that led to the Giants’ last minute touchdown, the crowd at salon DvF — including Amy Smart, Anh Duong and Peggy Siegal — roared.

“We’re gonna win,” shouted the hostess. Then when the Patriots missed the final pass with just one second remaining in the game, Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” came booming from the speakers.

Meanwhile, Miss Sixty hosted a comparatively mellow post-show dinner at Socialista. There, two members of the brand’s front-row lineup — Anne Hathaway (with boyfriend Rafaello Follieri) and Milla Jovovich — stopped by to congratulate designer Wichy Hassan. (Fellow front rowers Chloë Sevigny and Ashley Olsen presumably partied elsewhere.) “I want to be one of the models in the show,” Hathaway told Hassan, before adding, “I’d have to do some exercises first.”

The night before, models Noot Sear, Julia Stegner and Shannan Click, Genevieve Jones, Alexandra Richards and Jennifer Missoni danced up a storm at the designer Alexander Wang’s after party at The Annex. “I come here all of the time. I wanted to do it somewhere where everyone could just have a good time,” explained Wang of his LES party location.

Host Erin Wasson (who styled Wang’s looks for the second season in a row) certainly took the notion to heart, pairing baggy sweatpants with a vintage corset, all the better to get down in. Why wasn’t she sporting Wang? “We proved our point already,” she remarked.

On Friday, Elettra Wiedemann, Olivia Chantecaille and Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti hosted the opening of the “50 Years of Italian Style” photo exhibit at Twelve 21, sponsored by Vogue Italia and Peroni Nastro Azzurro. Downtown at The Box, Rag & Bone fans were vying for entrance to its overbooked after party. “My son, David, is the designer and this is his party,” an earnest Mama Neville explained before eventually gaining admittance. One group of people that had no trouble at the door: the FDNY, which made a cameo after a fire alarm went off. “Everyone stop smoking! The fire department is on its way,” one guest warned.

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