They were handing out chocolate cigarettes aboard the Forbes yacht, The Highlander, the other night.

“How about a real one?” asked Fran Lebowitz, who, like others on board, was there to congratulate Christopher Buckley on the publication of his new novel, “Thank You for Smoking,” a satire on tobacco lobbyists.

“I found myself laughing out loud at this book,” said Robert Forbes, for whom Buckley works at FYI. “In fact, it reminded me of his last book, ‘The White House Mess.’ I was reading it on an airplane and I had to put it down because I was making a complete fool of myself.”

While most people passed on the candy cigarettes, there were a few, like P.J. O’Rourke, who gladly accepted the mammoth cigars being handed out.

While O’Rourke took his stogey out on the first deck, Random House head Harry Evans was up on the second eyeing the two BMW bikes parked there. After recalling the glory days when he used to ride, Evans had to get back in the saddle just to remember how it felt. “I’d love to start riding again,” he said. “But my wife won’t let me.”

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