In his new book of essays, “The Reluctant Metrosexual: Dispatches from an Almost Hip Life” (Villard), Peter Hyman writes about his experiences as “a straight man whose tastes are just gay enough.” Here, he offers his tips on items that may be pH balanced for a woman, but just as useful for those with a Y chromosome.

Super Solano
Hair Dryer
“It was left over from an ex-girlfriend, but I don’t use it for drying my hair. I don’t have a toaster, so for me it’s good for warming up bagels.”
Venus Razor
“The first time I used one was in an ex-girlfriend’s shower, but it’s ergonomically superior for
pre-triathlon grooming. I’ve had to use the Venus razor to shave my face after spending a night at someone’s apartment. It wasn’t the greatest shave, but it’s better than the crappy Bics that are 13 cents in the deli.”
White Maltese Puppy
“It’s a much more efficient way to meet
women than online dating.”
Pink iPod Mini
“It was purchased by my parents. I think they just made a mistake. But pink is this year’s brown, which was last year’s black.”
Tasti D-lite
“It’s the only air-pumped ice-cream derivative
that I can enjoy as a lactose intolerant.”
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