The Baron de L was flowing at La Grenouille Friday night when Mercedes and Sid Bass took over the center table and entertained friends like Firyal of Jordan, Irith Landeau and Gil Shiva, as well as Sid’s brother Lee Bass and his wife, Ramona. Everybody was rather discreetly dressed, which only made Mercedes’ Peter Pan haircut and gigantic pearls stand out all the more.

Linda Wachner has launched her own little society war against the Wonderbra. She is sending her company’s new BodySational bra to some of her finer feathered friends in plain yellow envelopes.

Bad news for Susan Gutfreund: neither Tipper Gore nor Karl Lagerfeld will be coming to her Lifesavers dinner tonight at the Waldorf.

In Hollywood, Babylon continues to be the place to be, especially on Saturday nights. Last week you could catch two of the stars of “Models Inc.” — Brian Gaskill and David Goldmsith — amid a sea of drop-dead MAWs, which is show biz for model-actor-whatevers. Meanwhile, there may soon be a Babylon East — or something like it — if owner Brent Bolthouse finds the right opportunity in New York.

Somebody still likes Dan Quayle. Yesterday his book signing at Barnes and Noble had lines spilling down Fifth Avenue all the way to 49th Street, and most of the folks on line were people under thirty.

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