DIRTY PRETTY THINGS: Leave it to Andy Warhol. If anyone were capable of turning department store mannequins into works of art, it would be the late artist, who famously made a masterpiece out of a Campbell’s soup can. With “The Sculptured Mannequin Collection,” on display at Chelsea’s Milk Studios through Oct. 14, art lovers can witness once again Warhol’s fascination with everyday objects. The exhibit features 13 vintage mannequins that Warhol — in collaboration with Halston’s lover and muse, Victor Hugo — treated with cement resin and colored paint.

Though the materials seem rather plain, the price tag, of course, is anything but. The show’s curator, Catherine Alexander, declines to discuss specifics: “Let’s just say the ideal buyer is a high-powered art collector,” she allows. However, published estimates have the price tags hovering around $2 million.

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