FASHION CHANNEL: As UPN launches its Tyra Banks-conceived “America’s Next Top Model” reality series today — and as HBO searches for its new “Sex and the City” — every other network has snapped up pilots for the fall with fashion potential. While there’s not a clear-cut style winner among the series, several are primed to launch a trend or two. Or in the case of UPN’s “The Mullet Brothers,” revisit a really bad one.

“Opposite Sex”: The UPN’s hip-hop version of “Sweet Home Alabama.” Eve plays a clothing designer looking for Mr. Right.

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Fashion Outlook: Mega

“Coupling”: The British hit tests its mettle with U.S. audiences. While the cast bears an eerie resemblance to “Friends,” the NBC show’s focus is decidedly randier: sex, sex and more sex.

Fashion Outlook: Plenty of potential for signature haircuts and more.

“The O.C.”: “90210” moves zip codes (but not networks) — to Newport Beach. A Fox soap opera for 16-year-olds with privileged upbringings and money to burn.

Fashion Outlook: Bring on the labels.

“Karen Sisco”: J.Lo made fighting crime stylish in “Out of Sight.” Now Carla Gugino, no slouch in the style department, plays a chic Sherlock in this ABC series.

Fashion Outlook: Militaristic tailoring and Manolos.

“Tarzan and Jane”: Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel, a.k.a. Tarzan, courts his Jane, a New York detective in this WB series.

Fashion Outlook: Leopard spots and plenty of skin.

“Fearless”: A Jerry Bruckheimer-produced WB series about a mutant FBI agent, played by Rachael Leigh Cook, who’s born without a gene for fear.

Fashion Outlook: Tough chick-chic “Alias” style.

“The Mullet Brothers”: “Simpsons” writers make the ultimate antifashion statement — a show about two brothers who run a roofing business, swill beer and worship the WWF.

Fashion Outlook: Business in the front, party in the back.

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