HOLLYWOOD — Teddy’s, Amanda Scheer-Demme’s latest lounge here, officially opened Monday night, but the moodily lit den inside the Roosevelt Hotel has already been inhabited by the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Bono, Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Hopper and Eva Mendes.

Scheer-Demme — who hosts her notorious poolside Tropicana Bar at the same hotel — threw a little birthday party on Oct. 26 for the place’s namesake, her late husband and director, Ted Demme. Friends such as Val Kilmer, Heather Graham and Peter and Jacqui Getty were among those who turned out for some Bluebird cupcakes.

“Teddy would’ve loved this,” she said the night before the birthday, gliding her fingers along a bar top covered in thick, textured leather. In fact, throughout the 3,000-square-foot space, which is accessed off Hollywood Boulevard or from the new Dakota chophouse inside, there are touches that she chose less for their durability and more for their aesthetic value. Every “vignette,” as she calls the many quasi-private seating areas, contains a different table, some intricately carved, others inlaid in Moroccan or Chinese style, still others sleek and modern.

But the greatest effect is from the roughly sculpted arches and old bricks that liken the interior architecture to a wine cavern in, say, Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. As authentically aged as the interior appears, Scheer-Demme claims “it’s a complete fabrication. The place was like a bad warehouse when I walked in. The original Cinegrill was very Deco. Then people with no taste came in and butchered history, which is sad.”

With designer Dodd Mitchell, Scheer-Demme restored the space with a sense of time and place the Hollywood way — with some very deft scenic re-creation.

Teddy’s may already have drawn many of the same VIPs who partied hard at the Tropicana this summer, giving the place an instant cachet and crowning Scheer-Demme as the West Coast Amy Sacco. But Teddy’s, which will only be open Monday through Thursday, is not the Tropicana, its owner insists. (Nor is it the less exclusive Library, a third Scheer-Demme production at the Roosevelt that recently opened in part of the lobby between Teddy’s and Dakota and welcomes hotel guests and the general public.)

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Guests at Teddy’s are handpicked. If you’re not on the list, or don’t know the gatekeeper (be it Scheer-Demme or one of her guys), don’t bother. “It’s not about beauty and it’s not about age,” she says, confessing it’s her dream to get Merv Griffin in here. “It’s about people who are contributors to the world from all walks of culture.”

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