Spring means flowers. New York’s social set doesn’t show up, checkbook in hand, for just any old buds, but Clare Potter’s floral ceramics and James Steinmeyer’s watercolors are hardly that. When Susan Gutfreund and Charlotte Moss held an opening reception at the National Academy of Design for the artists’ latest works, those on hand included Jayne Wrightsman, Nelson Doubleday, Liz Mezzacappa and Pauline Boardman. The work was almost sold out within two hours.

“The only thing left is the antique pansies,” moaned Gutfreund. “At least there’s that. I’d feel terrible telling anyone who showed up now that there’s nothing at all left.”

Gutfreund, a good friend of Potter’s for 12 years, was taking home a pair of her hyacinths.

Another kind of artist, Pedro Almodovar, was in New York the previous night for the premiere of his latest film, “Kika.”

The King of Camp and his troupe descended on the Supper Club for the post-screening party and Almodovar had a hard time getting the almost equally camp crowd — which included Jean Paul Gaultier — quieted for Rossy de Palma’s vivacious performance of “I Want to Be Evil.” “I can see now how sad Mick Jagger was 20 years ago in Altamonte when he couldn’t control the crowd,” he said.

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