Is the handbag an extension of the soul? It is when psychic Stacey Wolf trains her sixth sense on the place where purse and personality meet. Guests waited in a line 20 deep last week at the Chanel boutique for the chance to be told just which new bag might suit them best. When her turn came, one, carrying a quilted Chanel clutch in worn denim, took a seat opposite the pixieish psychic. Wolf held her hand. “Are you a Gemini?” she asked. The woman said she was. Wolf seemed to ponder this information for a moment. Then she was off like a shot, riffing on the woman’s twin natures. “You’re practical and whimsical,” she explained. “Sometimes, you’re too austere with yourself. You’re very sophisticated. No nonsense. But you need luxury in your life.” Wolf glanced over a card printed with the short list of Chanel’s most promising offerings for fall. She circled one — a sweet patent camellia pochette — then paused. “You need whimsy, but you need to balance it with practicality,” she said, adding a more sturdy tote. Wolf’s prediction: “I think you’ll need two.”

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