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It has been slow going this Oscar week. Most of the boldface names showing up are the ones you’d least like to see. With parties by Vanity Fair, Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg, and Dani Janssen cancelled, fewer celebrities have flown in from New York and Europe. Fashion designers are in shorter supply. Actors who haven’t quite made it are everywhere.

So far, the best party has been the Gagosian Gallery’s opening for Julian Schnabel’s new exhibit on Thursday night. Among those striking a pose were Schnabel, Diane Keaton, Tilda Swinton, John Waters, Lisa Eisner, and Tory Burch. A very cool crowd, though it probably won’t get a lot of coverage in the celebrity tabloids. The paintings themselves were done over X-rays, some of which Schnabel compiled while making the film “The Diving Bell & The Butterfly.”I’m always thinking about the same things,” he said, as guests like Roberto Cavalli came to kiss the ring. “Life. Death. Love. Sex. People in cages.”

Earlier that day, Bob Evans threw a party at his house with Oliver People’s, with which he’s collaborated on a short film. “Back when I was growing up,” Evans said, “Glasses were purely medicinal. Now it’s cosmetic. Actresses actually want glasses.” Who knows what this meant beyond that he got Oliver People’s to underwrite his party and give him some great sunglasses.

And if the celebs were absent, he did manage to pull in Russell Simmons, Jason Binn, and Brett Ratner, all of whom picked up some of their playboy moves from him. “Bob’s a great icon,” Simmons said. “He has this photo with Ali McGraw at the premiere of ‘The Godfather,’ and she’s just flown in to see him, and she’s looking straight into his eyes, she’d come just to be with him. They look completely in love. And of coruse, that’s when she was having the affair with Steve McQueen. And Bob showed it to me and said, ‘This just goes to show you that you never really know a woman.'”

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