Did you know that Carol Lynley and Rip Torn have been living together for the last 12 years? In Malibu? I certainly didn’t. Maybe Carol and the Rip failed to mention it to anyone who wouldn’t fail to mention it to me.

Are Jack Haley Jr. and Nancy Sinatra Jr. a new romance? Some in Hollywood seem to think so. When they think.

Since before last summer, storm clouds have been gathering in the Swarovski paradise, which comprises estates and establishments in Europe and South America and an oceanfront Palm Beach estate. The Austrian crystal king, Gernie Swarovski-Langes, and his attractive frau, Maya, have finally split. The reason? Another woman. That’s always the reason, unless it’s another man. The marriage of the enormously rich couple lasted for several decades before foundering. Gernie, it seems, has a new interest — except she isn’t so new. Whatever, he wants a divorce.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The lady holding the purse strings of the world’s biggest crystal conglomerate, which operates in various European cities, is Gernie’s mother, Frau Swarovski-Langes, and she’s balking at Maya’s monetary demands. One hears she is refusing her any alimony at all, in spite of almost 30 years of marriage. Maya’s friends say the old frau never was crazy about Maya in the first place. Jah. For sure.

Lordy, lordy! In “Disclosure,” the new Barry Levinson movie that starts shooting next week, Michael Douglas and Donald Sutherland, so the gossip goes, have a scene where they kiss in an elevator. Each other. Which way to the emergency button?

The Theatre Guild is celebrating its 75th anniversary with the announcement that it will produce a “new” Rodgers & Hammerstein musical in 1995 — “State Fair.” At the recent party at the Players Club where the news was announced, the lightning rod of the evening was the appearance of the Guild’s most towering alumna, the theater’s grandest living legend, Miss Katharine Hepburn. Wearing one of her signature ensembles, black pants and a gray tunic, the legend sat on the serpentine staircase that winds to the top of the wondrous Victorian edifice at 20 Gramercy Place South, smack under a superb portrait of herself, which she has loaned to the Players. You should have seen the theatrical luminaries lined up like ticket buyers to chat with La Hepburn.

Guild president Philip Langner said that without Kate the Guild might not be celebrating three-quarters of a century of uninterrupted theater production. After 13 bombs in the late Thirties, Hepburn rescued the company with “The Philadelphia Story,” the Philip Barry smash that focused on Hepburn’s incomparable star quality and saved the Guild, hear, hear!

It says here that gilded palm trees will rustle under a sky-blue heaven at the Swan Ball at the Cheekwood Mansion in Nashville on June 11. Mrs. Jeffrey Buntin and her co-chairman, Mrs. E. Randall Henderson Jr., have envisioned an evening of high theater for this, Nashville’s biggest benefit, and they are not just whistling Dixie, if you will forgive the old southern cliche. Sheltered by literally acres of specially woven ivory voile, the ball’s 800 guests will glide across a black and white tiled dance floor while angels handpainted on a frescoed ceiling fly overhead. It’s an idea whose time has come, wouldn’t you say?

This year, James Wolfensohn, the investment banker who is chairman of the Kennedy Center in Washington, will receive the Swan Award for his outstanding contribution to the arts, and, after dinner, platinum-selling vocalist Lorrie Morgan will appear in concert. Everybody who is anybody in Nashville and points north, east and west will be there. After all, the Swan Ball, founded 32 years ago by Mrs. Guilford (Jane) Dudley, is one of the most perennially successful charity balls in the country, north, south, east or west.

You can start getting ready right now for the big — that’s big as in several thousand guests — Chanel luncheon and fashion show set for June 6 at Damrosch Park in Lincoln Center. This marks the first time a benefit for New York Hospital will be held under a 23,000-square-foot tent, and the ladies on the committee plan to fill it up. The trompe l’oeil Musee du Louvre background created by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld for his Paris runway show in March will be re-created for the New York show and, along with special elements from the Paris decor, will be flown over for the June event. Renee Belfer, Pauline Boardman, Elizabeth Graber and Liz Mezzacappa are co-chairmen of the luncheon, and Iris Cantor and Ruth Stanton are the honorary chairmen. Get out your little summer Chanels.

Speaking of Karl Lagerfeld, he, Billy Joel and Eliot Feld have agreed to be co-presenters at the 22nd annual Fragrance Foundation awards on July 7 at Lincoln Center. Nicknamed the FiFi awards, they honor the best of the best in the fragrance industry.

Jamee Gregory and Robert Woolley are the chairmen of the Whitney Museum’s 1994 benefit gala, a dinner dance Oct. 24 in the Museum’s third floor exhibition gallery. Jamee and Robert are gathering their rosebuds while we are still in May and giving a luncheon Monday for committee members in the Museum’s sculpture garden. Bill Tansey is loading the concrete courtyard with pots and pots of blooms from a country garden, pretty trees and flowering vines climbing the walls — so you won’t. All sorts of absolutely wonderful ladies are expected at the luncheon — Carroll Petrie, Anne Johnson, Pauline Boardman, Norma Dan, Jan Cowles, Gretchen Grisanti, Karen LeFrak, like that. Glorious Food waiters will tiptoe through the tulips and peonies to serve lunch. The new twosome for Gala ’94 at the Whitney is starting off with a bang. Isn’t that how Robert Woolley, Sotheby’s hotshot auctioneer, starts everything? Oh, come on. Bang. Gavel. Get it?

Anthony Drexel Duke, the blue-blooded founder and president of Boys Harbor, has been invited to Venice to speak on Children and the Environment at an international conference sponsored by Italy’s prestigious Cini Foundation. Speaking right along with him will be Vice President Al Gore and Jacques Cousteau of the briny deep Cousteaus. After beautiful Venice, it’s out to beautiful East Hampton, where George Plimpton will join Tony and Luly Duke to begin working on Boys Harbor’s fireworks extravaganza set for July 16 — and not a moment too soon.

Princess Esra Jah, en route to London from her palatial ranch in Santa Ynez — it’s right next to Michael Jackson’s Neverland, if you care — stopped in New York to give a little dinner at Arcimboldo. The princess has been appointed to the board of the National Symphony and elated doesn’t even come close to describing her feelings. (Thrilled to bits?) She will be in Washington on June 17 for the National Symphony’s salute to Msistislav Rostropovich at Kennedy Center, before flying off to London and her Eden-like island off the coast of Turkey. She never has to worry where the hell to spend her summer vacation.

Hot director Ron Howard is just now finishing the luxurious 15,000-square-foot custom-made house he’s built on 20 acres in Greenwich, Conn., next to the exclusive Greenwich Polo Club. All this property was once part of the Rosensteil estate known as Conyers Farm. “The Cowboy Way” — the new flick from Ron’s company, Imagine Films — with Woody Harrelson and Kiefer Sutherland, opens on June 3. He’s naturally hoping it’s a big hit. To pay for all that square footage, baby needs a new pair of boots.

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