May is graduation time for flocks of PYTs, and their numbers were well-represented at Tuesday night’s second annual Spring Fling to benefit TeachersCount, hosted by Zac Posen and sister Alexandra. Ally Sheedy, looking decades younger than her 43 years, at least in the Hiro Ballroom’s dim lighting, was one of the first to arrive, and promptly settled in to chat with Mama Posen. Tanned newlyweds Eleanor and Jon Ylvisaker followed, just back from their honeymoon in Bali and Sumba. “I broke my custom-made board,” said Jon, of his gung-ho surfing efforts. Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos also had accidents on the brain when she picked a white Zac Posen dress to wear to her eight-year-old daughter’s Communion this past Saturday. “I chose the one with Teflon. I told Zac, ‘I have three kids. Now I don’t have to worry about ketchup!'” she laughed.

But even Teflon couldn’t have shielded Olarte de Kanavos and fellow guests Gillian Hearst-Shaw and Alexandra and Theodora Richards from the wild burlesque entertainment that took place early in the night. A series of five different acts “performed,” including a female tantric-sex-yoga duo and an underwear-clad hula hoop-er miming an orgasm. Onlookers watched in varying degrees of horror and amusement. And at least one guest seemed totally perplexed by the connection between TeachersCount and the burlesques. “What was that performance?” asked a bewildered Theodora Richards. “It didn’t make sense for the teachers, unless they were the teachers!”

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