The jet set may have taken a respite from movie sets or design studios during the holidays, but it seems there’s no such thing as a vacation from personal style (save, perhaps, a be-snorkled Linda Evangelista). While some hit the beach in bold patterns and piled-on accessories (à la Eve), others — such as perpetual minimalist Jennifer Aniston — went back to basics. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the thermometer, Valentino and Antonio Banderas stuck to the skier’s maxim: wear bright against white.

But perhaps no member of the fashion flock advertised a less-is-more ethos as plainly as Giorgio Armani, who left little to the imagination while lounging in the Caribbean. The 73-year-old designer outdid even the buffest bods on the sand by showing off his gym-sculpted frame in what amounted to little more than a pair of tighty whities. It’s not the first time Armani has bared it in public. He once posed in tiny running shorts (more like a loincloth, really) for an Italian glossy — which just goes to show that sometimes even the most sartorial of the pack need to let it all hang out.

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