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NEW YORK — Zani Gugelmann, Alexandra Lind-Rose and Sloan Barnett were just a few of New York’s finest who trekked up to the New York Botanical Garden in inclement weather Friday night to celebrate the annual Winter Wonderland Ball, which, partly because of the “Silver Spoons”-ish train exhibit, brings with it those yummy feelings of Christmas, presents and colored lights.

“It’s my favorite party of the year,” confided Ann Caruso. “It’s like coming to the North Pole.” A North Pole with a martini bar, that is, and lots of ladies wearing gowns by Alberta Ferretti, one of the evening’s sponsors.

Some could have used Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to guide the way up to the Bronx. On their drive from the Upper East Side, Jill and Andrew Roosevelt, for instance, hit a pothole around 110th Street. They managed to pull into the valet before their tire went completely flat. Handy in these matters, AAA came in a matter of minutes.

“It was very ‘Bonfire of the Vanities,’” remarked Jill Roosevelt about the incident. “The two of us in Harlem in our formalwear.”

The tent was decorated in the winter whites, blues and silvers requested on the invitation, though the music, which started off in the Frank Sinatra variety and quickly moved to early Nineties pop, gave the proceedings the feel of a momentous occasion in the life of a Jewish young man.

“It’s sort of like my bar mitzvah,” laughed Eric Richman, a lawyer-turned-comedian who arrived on the arm of Lydia Hearst-Shaw. It was a sentiment echoed by others.

Still, one couldn’t fault a party for getting its crowd up on the dance floor. Cutting loose, after all, may happen more once you’ve left the isle of Manhattan. (Is that a saying? What happens in the Bronx, stays in the Bronx?) Regardless, Robert Burke cut a rug with Alberta Ferretti; Sally Albemarle, with her husband, Rufus, and he, with just about everyone else.

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