True Confessions: Celebrities Reveal Their Favorite Underwear

Stars share their lingerie favorites, either in the movies or behind the scenes.

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WWD Intimates issue 01/25/2010

“My favorite places to shop are Agent Provocateur and Coco de Mer. I have two drawers of lingerie, one that’s for lingerie under clothes and one that’s for lingerie not meant to be worn with clothes.”


— Anna Paquin



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“Oh my God, I don’t know if I have a favorite. I like Prada. I like trashy stuff. I like classy stuff. I like all kinds of lingerie.”


— Russell Simmons



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“I never used to understand the appeal of lingerie because it’s underneath your clothes. Now that I am in love [her beau is French actor Guillaume Canet], I get what’s underneath and the effect it can have. It’s a fun game to play. Chantal Thomass is my favorite. It’s like haute couture for lingerie.”


— Marion Cotillard



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“What’s that movie with Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller? ‘Layer Cake.’ Sienna Miller just looks hot. She’s got a great scene with Daniel Craig, and she’s got some really sexy lingerie on.”


— Jesse Metcalfe



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“I have this dark gray La Perla nightgown that is so beautiful I’m scared to wear it. It just hangs there in my closet. I really should have a private showing for Harry [Hamlin, her husband].”


— Lisa Rinna



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“I love this Eres bra that is a sheer lace bandeau that goes straight across the chest and has two straps. There is an underwire underneath it, and it’s so sexy. I love when it peeks out from beneath my clothes.”


— Kim Raver



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“I love these lacy La Perla boyshorts that lace up the back. I also love La Perla’s nightgowns. They are so beautiful you can wear them out. I also wear a lot of La Perla on ‘Entourage’ because it makes you look and feel gorgeous.”


— Perrey Reeves

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