What Do You Wish You Had Invented?

"The paper clip." -Viktor & Rolf

Appeared In
Special Issue
WWD Scoop issue 03/24/2008

“The paper clip.”
—Viktor & Rolf

“One of the neon lamps from Eileen Gray. It’s a beautiful balance between aesthetics and function.”
—Giambattista Valli

“The Internet, antibiotics and penicillin. I’m going to invent something.You’ll see.”
—Damon Dash

“It doesn’t exist, but I’m sure it will soon: an automatic digital photo editor that chooses pictures from your camera based on your preferences. I hate going through all my photos so I always put it off.”
—Jacinda Barrett

“Fed-Ex. I love that the guy who founded it was failed by one of his college professors. He proved the scholars wrong.”
—Angie Harmon

“A cure for cancer.”
—Gela Nash-Taylor

“The iPod. I would be a billionaire! It’s so brilliant, so smart, so modern and so simple.”
—Roberta Armani

“The little black dress.”
—Lindsay Lohan

“The Polaroid camera.”
—Jeremy Scott

“I wish I would have invented the lightbulb. Nothing’s better than bringing light to people.”
—Lapo Elkann

“Google, because it’s useful and my mom would be set for life.”
—Ginnifer Goodwin