Who’s Got “It”?

They fly just under the radar, but any one of these ingenues could be fashion’s next big thing.<br><br><br><br>Kate Bosworth<br><br>Channeling: Cameron Diaz<br><br>Major makeover: Boston-raised, blue-ribbon horse jumper-turned-surfer-chick for...

They fly just under the radar, but any one of these ingenues could be fashion’s next big thing.

Kate Bosworth

Channeling: Cameron Diaz

Major makeover: Boston-raised, blue-ribbon horse jumper-turned-surfer-chick for “Blue Crush.” Gained 10 pounds for the part.

Arm candy: Surfer dude, until she heads to Princeton in 2003.

Fashion? Definitely. Pictured here front and center at the Giorgio Armani show in Milan yesterday.

Upcoming: “The Rules of Attraction” opening this Friday.

Alison Lohman

Channeling: Jodie Foster. Squeezes in American Lit. classes at Santa Monica College.

Keeping Score: Beat out 400 actresses for role in “White Oleander.”

Fan Club: Sean Penn can’t stop raving about her.

Fashion? Antifashion. No hairdresser, no stylist. Her publicist claims she could care less.

Upcoming: Ridley Scott’s “Matchstick Men” with Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell.

Tiffany Limos

Channeling: Christina Ricci

Destiny’s Child: Muse of Larry Clark (“Kids”). Met him while searching for one of his photos in SoHo and stars in his latest, “Ken Park.”

Arts and Letters: Screenwriter and an accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in V and Numero.

Background Check: Ford model at age 14. A Lauryn Hill back up dancer at 15. Now she hangs at NYC’s Sway on Sunday nights.

Fashion? Vintage: Ossie Clark, Giorgio Sant Angelo, Paco Rabanne.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Channeling: Chloë Sevigny

Vice: Oysters, champagne and cigarettes (lots of ’em).

History lesson: Columbia and Harvard Westlake grad, beat Jessica Capshaw out of high-school drama roles.

All in the family: Just finished her first script. Let writer/producer mom Naomi Foner read it, then put it in the closet.

Starring in: “Secretary,” “Adaptation,” and “Mona Lisa Smile.”s.

Joy Bryant

Channeling: Ashley Judd

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Discovery Channel: Next modeling agency scouted the Bronx native while she was attending Yale on scholarship through an Oprah Winfrey-supported charity.

Best Accessory: Doesn’t leave home without her pit bull, Nana.

Fashion? Prefers Christian Dior frills and sexy Roberto Cavalli looks.

Upcoming: Stars opposite Denzel Washington in his directorial debut, “Antwone Fisher.”

Paz Vega

Channeling: Penelope Cruz

Family Dynamics: Dad’s a bullfighter, sister is a flamenco dancer.

Inhibitions: None that we know of. Former lingerie model may not require nudity clauses after her steamy scenes in the erotic Spanish film “Sex and Lucia,” for which she won a Best New Actress Goya.

Next in: Pedro Almodovar’s “Hable con Ella” (Talk to Her), the French film “Novo,” with Anna Mouglalis, and “Carmen,” directed by Vicente Aranda.

Jessica Capshaw

Channeling: Jennifer Aniston

Blessing or Burden: Hollywood royalty — mother Kate Capshaw, and stepdad, Steven Spielberg.

Vice: Jimmy Choos.

Low brow indulgence: $16 mani pedi at Lani Nails on 3rd Street

Upcoming: “View From the Top” with Gwyneth Paltrow, ABC’s “The Practice.”

Alexis Bledel

Channeling: Natalie Portman.

Lucky break: Former model traded in NYU for the

WB’s “Gilmore Girls.”

Surprise, surprise: English is her second language. Argentinian/Mexican heritage.

Vice: Marc Jacobs and 99 cent chicken nuggets at Wendy’s.

Upcoming: “Tuck Everlasting” opening Oct. 11.

Ever Carradine

Channeling: Sarah Jessica Parker

Fashion? She may not have landed the big roles but

she knows how to work a vintage look.

Arm Candy: Rocker Coby Brown of

the Coby Brown Group.

Secret Crush: James Gandolfini

Steady diet: Luna Bars.

Next in: TV pilot “Couples.”