I can’t believe it! This is already my third week here in Cannes Bay. It seems like only yesterday that we came down to the south of France, stopping near Lyon, at Georges Blanc restaurant in Vonnas, as was the tradition in the Fifties when people used to come down from Le Havre or Paris to the Riviera on the Nationale 7 Road. You have to try the G7 chicken he created for President Clinton a few years ago with a garlic and foie gras sauce!

So, here I am at a friend’s house, last on a wild rock right above the sea in front of Cannes and its fireworks festival and the island of Saint-Honorat, where “Iron Mask,” the twin hidden brother of Louis XIV was jailed. Remember the movie with Leo DiCaprio? The house is full of my friend’s father’s paintings. He was a wonderful surrealist-abstract painter, and his canvases are mixed in with those of 17th-century Provence and Loewy Seventies furniture. If it sounds very “Wallpaper,” well, excuse me!

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Françoise and I are up and swimming by 7:30 a.m. and eating wonderful cuisine made by an old cook in the neighborhood. I’m working and reading all day long — everything that I had no time to do during the past year. I’m exhausted. I fly next week to Firenze, and my Emilio Pucci show is in late September. Hope we’ll see you there and that you had a gorgeous summer, too!

P.S. The cat sends a twinkle to Blaine!

Christian Lacroix, whose one-eyed cat loves Blaine Trump, is vacationing in the south of France with his sister, Françoise.

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