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TOKYO — Pierre Cardin brought his 60th anniversary celebrations here this week, hosting a press conference and fashion show Tuesday at the campus of Bunka Fashion College.


Cardin, dressed in a navy double-breasted suit, reminisced about his early experiences in the Japanese capital, while also offering up advice and anecdotes to members of the press. “Age doesn’t matter,” the 88-year-old designer said, “as long as the thought process doesn’t change.”


Cardin also took advantage of the occasion to launch a missive at his fashion world of today. “There are so many designers, but they’re just copying things. Copies are not creations, even if they are very beautiful and refined,” he said, lamenting a lack of new ideas in the industry.


“You have a lot of designers that are crazy,” he said. “They make [things that are] interesting for the eyes, but that is not fashion for tomorrow. For me, after 65 years you can [still] see my fashions. That is the difference,” he quipped.


The runway show, which drew Bunka students and fellow designer Junko Koshino, showcased some of Cardin’s most iconic designs from the past 60 years, including futuristic metallic suits, mod mini dresses in bright colors, classy evening gowns, checked wool suits, hooped skirts, and even wedding dresses.


The event was organized with Takashimaya, which obtained the trademark for Pierre Cardin in Japan in 1997. The establishment of Pierre Cardin Japan was the retailer’s first experience with a joint venture.


“Thanks to Pierre Cardin, Takashimaya was able to develop a competitive brand business,” said Koji Suzuki, Takashimaya’s president.

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