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“‘What are you, a lesbian? No one’s looking at you.’ But I’m into theatrics. Every morning I like to look fabulous. I like to pretend I’m famous.”
Lady Gaga on how classmates at her all-girls school viewed her style, “Going Gaga,” August 13, 2007

“[My parents] don’t care what I do just as long as I remember who I am, have some integrity and respect and don’t end up like, well, it sounds like Shmitney Shmeers.”
Katy Perry on being a preacher’s daughter, “Rad Hatter,” November 7, 2007

“If people love the way Toni [Collette] looks, maybe I’ll have more presence at future Oscars. I was asked to do them last year, but I was already working on something else. If you style celebrities, this is the ultimate dream. And I would do it for free. I’m not, but I would.”
Rachel Zoe on styling her first Oscar attendee, “The Education of Rachel Rosenzweig,” March 27, 2000


“You can’t help but look at people’s breasts because they’re, like, pointing at you. They really stand out. I’m sure the guys are going crazy.”
Christina Hendricks on the Sixties undergarments worn on “Mad Men,” “It’s a Mad, Mad Madison Avenue,” July 17, 2007

“I would never just walk into the Valentino boutique and go, ‘I’m gonna take this leopard-print gown.’ You can never wear it again, it’s so memorable. You’d want to borrow it for the red carpet.”
Leighton Meester on her pre-“Gossip Girl” style, “The In Crowd,” August 15, 2007

“People used to make fun of me at school. I wore all vintage clothes but nobody got it because they were all Abercrombie–d out.”
Taylor Momsen on her pre-“Gossip Girl” style, “The In Crowd,” August 15, 2007

“My favorite stuff that I’ve ever found has been from trash cans. And I bought this incredible vest off a homeless guy recently.” “I went to P. Diddy’s White Party with a white garbage bag tied around me because I didn’t have a white top. I think confidence can sell anything.”
Ke$ha, “Ke$ha Sebert: Hard Candy,” August 26, 2009

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