The voice of Disney’s “Kim Possible” may someday be a strong voice on Capitol Hill.First, she has to get through college.

NEW YORK — With guidance from a good family and a little cartoon character, Christy Carlson Romano lives by the slogan “Girls can do anything.”

When the 19-year-old star of two hit Disney shows, “Kim Possible” and “Even Stevens,” isn’t working, she’s usually busy studying. Romano just started her sophomore year at Columbia University’s Barnard College in Manhattan, where she will declare her major in political science this year.

While she’s going to school, she still manages to find the time to be the voice of Kim on “Kim Possible.” There are many ways that Romano is not like Kim, an animated character who has superpowers to fix almost any situation, but Romano has found a way to translate Kim’s powers into real life. Romano has a strong belief that her political views may one day change things in this country for the better.

Between classes and auditions, Romano serves on a committee for Amnesty International and volunteers as a student mentor. She spent her summer working as a Congressional intern for Sen. Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.) in Washington. She has studied international diplomacy at American University, was a participant in the National Student Leadership Conference on international diplomacy and appeared with three former commanders-in-chief at the President’s Summit for America’s Future.

On top of all of this, Romano plans manages to satisfy her passion for acting and singing, something she has done since the age of seven when she landed a role in a production of “Annie.” Since then, she has appeared in a series of diverse roles on Broadway, including “Parade” and “The Sound of Music.” Her vocal talents are featured on “Even Stevens,” where her character, Ren Stevens, sings in a garage band. She will also be featured on an upcoming “Disney’s Kim Possible” CD.

Romano has had roles in “Cadet Kelly” opposite Hilary Duff and in Woody Allen’s “Everyone Says I Love You” and co-starred as Armand Assante’s cancer-stricken daughter in “Looking for an Echo.”Between all that, she recently found time to answer a few questions for WWD:

WWD: Who are you more like, Kim Possible or Ren Stevens, your character on “Even Stevens?”

Romano: Kim Possible, definitely. She’s confident and laid-back, while having a personality. I like to look at myself like that.

WWD: Do you find it hard to balance school with your career?

Romano: Yes, I do. You have to give 110 percent to whatever you are doing. I believe that going to school and experiencing college life is important, but you need to prioritize in the grand scheme of life — don’t be afraid to take time off. I am taking my second semester off this year to be in Los Angeles for work.

WWD: Why did you decide to major in political science?

Romano: Poli-sci is where it is at. Politics may not be the most lucrative field, but public service can be the most rewarding — besides entertainment.

WWD: What was the most important thing you learned from your summer in Washington?

Romano: That the system does work and to take pride in your privilege as an American citizen and value your right to vote. Any voice can be heard on the Hill, you just have to scream loud enough.

WWD: What sort of political role would you like to take when college is over?

Romano: Graduate school (Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs), go through the Peace Corps and run for representative. But that’s all subject to change.

WWD: Do you think you will continue acting after college?

Romano: Of course. I plan on getting my masters at Yale and creating my own TV show for ABC someday soon.

WWD: Fashion seems to play a big role in each of the characters you have played. They each have a distinct style. Does Ren dress anything like yourself?

Romano: Ren is the poster child for the Young Republicans, and my style in real life in much more laid-back and hip. But don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up.WWD: What are some of your favorite brands/stores?

Romano: Club Monaco, Armani Exchange and Sephora — and supermarkets. I love food.

WWD: Kim Possible has her own clothing line at Wal-Mart. Would you ever want to have your own clothing line?

Romano: Yes, I could see that being a possibility. I’d specialize in one thing like makeup or jeans.

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