CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Hosiery care and fashion tips will be the focus as retailers across the country participate in the second annual National Hosiery Week.
Sponsored by the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers, the event runs Sept. 7-14 in department stores, mass marketers and major drugstores. According to the NAHM, 110 retail firms will participate, the same number as last year.
The NAHM plans to distribute eight million copies of a booklet called "Sheer Personality," designed to instruct consumers about the qualities and care of pantyhose. This is a more comprehensive version of a booklet distributed last year.
Countertop booklet holders, in-store signs and a three-minute video featuring hosiery trends, runway footage, on-the-street interviews and hosiery care tips, hosted by fashion consultant Patty Fox, will be offered to stores.
Dayton Hudson Corp.; J.C. Penney Co.; Sears, Roebuck & Co., and Mercantile Stores are among the retailers participating. The NAHM is encouraging stores to stage two of its in-store programs: "Making Your Hosiery Last: The Fit Clinic and the Care Clinic," and "Wearing Pantyhose--Fashion's Hottest Accessory: The Wardrobe Clinic and the Color Clinic." Both programs emphasize proper fit, fashion and care. Kim Alexis, the event's spokesmodel, plans to promote hosiery as a key fall accessory for a satellite media tour to be aired during National Hosiery Week.
National Hosiery Week is set up to educate women about pantyhose, to increase store traffic and to generate hosiery sales, according to Sid Smith, chairman and chief executive officer of the NAHM.
"We were extremely pleased with the positive response and results from last year's efforts by the hosiery industry," he said. "Making this an annual industry-wide event is important as an educational vehicle for consumers."
In other NAHM developments, the association for the first time is opening up its annual fall board sponsors meeting to all hosiery manufacturers.
Attendees will address issues facing the industry at the event, which is scheduled to be held at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla., Nov. 20-24, said Smith.
"The need for sharing information and staying up to date is very critical today," Smith said. "All hosiery manufacturers need access to this meeting in order to keep up to speed."
Discussions will center on improving sales in today's retail climate and the benefits of a consumer-oriented public relations campaign for both socks and sheers, Smith said.
Steve Ross, senior vice president and general merchandise manager for soft lines at Kmart, will talk about the mass market. In addition, Bernadette Budde, vice president of Business Industry Political Action Committee, will provide a legislative update.
In previous years, about 200 board members, sponsors and committee members have turned out for the event.

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