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NEW YORK--Calvin Klein's CK One, the fragrance that stunned the U.S. market last year by almost tripling its launch projection, is headed overseas.
In September, Calvin Klein Cosmetics will roll out the fragrance, accompanied by three new bath and body products, to 32 countries.
The payoff could amount to between $125 million and $150 million in total global sales for this year, with about $100 million of that coming from the U.S.
Klein will use its traditional aggressiveness to promote the scent, which is aimed at the young and the hip. In Paris, the toughest European market for non-French fragrances, CK One will be touted from billboards in the Metro.
"We are taking the campaign to the streets," said Paulanne Mancuso, president.
Although Klein executives declined to divulge total advertising budgets and sales projections, sources estimate that the worldwide advertising tab could climb past $30 million.
When CK One was launched in the U.S. last fall, the sales target was $20 million at wholesale. By yearend, sales totaled $58 million, according to sources.
The U.S. introduction of the bath and body items will be promoted with new TV and magazine advertising. The original ads and spots, which broke in the U.S. with last fall's launch, will be used overseas. The new advertising will eventually be phased into foreign markets.
The introduction represents Klein's first global product launch and the rollout of the fragrance marks the swiftest expansion to so many markets in the company's history.
"This is totally the modern way to get to the consumer," Klein said of the global push. "People have the same values everywhere in terms of cost and not wasting money on excess packaging and getting a great value. It's not just Generation X. People around the world will look at the bottle, the packaging and the advertising and they will get it. They will understand."
The new advertising is a continuation of the original series of grunge-clad kids hanging out and talking. The new images show two couples kissing, and one young woman is covering her bare breasts with her arms.
Klein says nothing should be read into the new images.
"There's nothing so intellectual about it," he said. "They are just new wonderful photos that I think people will enjoy."
Although there has been much talk about the print and TV campaigns, Klein insists "the advertising is just one part of it," and adds, "It always starts with the fragrance."
As for the three new ancillary products, Mancuso said that even last fall, shoppers were asking for them.
"Consumers were saying, 'I want CK One from top to toe,"' she said.
The new products are a 9-oz. body wash, at $15; two cakes of soap adding up to 9 ounces, for $10, and a 3-oz. deodorant, also $10.
They will be added to the four items launched last year, including a 3.4-oz. eau de toilette, at $35, and a 6.7-oz. size, $50.
Klein said that, eventually, more fragrances will be added. But he and Mancuso say their immediate goal is to keep building CK One.To help observe the anniversary of last fall's huge volume, the company is putting together a number of promotional items, but shunning the traditional gift-with-purchase. One of first items will be a backpack for $45. It will contain three products that will be marketed during the back-to-school period in August.
The launch of the bath and body products will be hyped in August and September with magazine advertising, including scented strips, and a TV campaign that will continue through the fall.
About two dozen magazines will be used, including Seventeen, Mademoiselle, Men's Health and Wired.
The key publications on a global basis will be Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, according to Klein executives. There also will be ads in regional magazines like Rock Star in Italy, Petra and Max in Germany, Rolling Stone in Australia, Men's Health in the UK and Le Figaro in France.
The number of scented strips will approach 40 million in the U.S. and amount to nearly 20 million overseas, primarily in Europe.
The CK One commercials will be broadcast on network TV here and abroad. MTV will be used at least in the U.S. and Europe, according to executives, and perhaps in Asia.
The fragrance will be rolled out throughout Europe, as well as in key markets in Asia and Central and South America. Outdoor advertising will be used throughout Europe, including billboards and ads on buses and bus shelters. There will be signs on the tops of taxis in Singapore.
Distribution will spread through the individual markets, except in France and Belgium, where CK One will be confined to Paris and Brussels for the fall.
The fragrance will not be available in the rest of France until the first quarter of 1996, Mancuso said, because Escape and Escape for Men were launched there in the spring, and CK One will be Klein's third scent there in six months.
Accessibility, which was expressed in low price points and freestanding merchandise stands in the stores, will be as key to the global rollout as it was for the American launch.
For perfumeries that don't have room for the freestanding racks, a countertop version has been designed.
"We will do freestanding units in Douglas," Mancuso said, referring to the perfumery chain that dominates Germany. "They believe in the concept.
"For us," she added,"it works best when there are few distractions between the consumer and the product."

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