HORNBY EXPANDS: British-born designer Judy Hornby went from eveningwear to bridge sportswear a year ago. Now she's moving out of her 1,800-square-foot showroom at 205 West 39th St., New York, to a 3,800-square-foot space in 530 Seventh Ave.
Half of the new space will be devoted to selling, the other half to offices and production.
Hornby said the move into sportswear wasn't the easiest.
"Retailers still walk through that door and say, 'Judy, where are the dresses?"' she said.
Hornby said her company will generate between $3 million and $4 million in wholesale volume this year.

KENNETH RICHARD'S NEW DEAL: Young designer Kenneth Richard has signed a three-year contract with Renown Design, a Japanese corporation, to do a bridge line under the label Imagina. It will be distributed exclusively in department stores in Japan. Richard said he'll use the funds from the contract to finance his signature women's apparel line here.
It's a new infusion of cash and the designer's first outside contract since he started his business in 1990.
"The company feels that the Imagina line needs refreshing," said Richard. "I think it will only add to my own collection, since I work on that line a year out."
Richard also said he planned to introduce a small group of men's wear in his next women's runway show, which will be held at 7th on Sixth in Bryant Park in New York in April.
Richard noted that his clothes recently got some unexpected exposure in the film "Pulp Fiction" when Uma Thurman wore his black pantsuit and white shirt. "The stylist picked it out at Charivari," said Richard.

LUCIA LAUNCHES TM SPORT: Lucia Inc., based in Winston-Salem, N.C., has launched TM Sport, a moderate-to-better-priced line of separates that will be in specialty stores by July, according to Bernard Makover, executive vice president. Its other three lines--Lucia, Lucia Petites and the more updated That's Me--are collection-oriented.
TM Sport is expected to generate sales in the range of $8 million to $10 million for the first year. The other three lines generated combined sales of $45 million last year. Prices on TM Sport haven't been set yet.
Lucia's parent company is Lucia Strickwarenfabrik AG of Germany, a vertical sportswear operation.MOVES AT SIGRID OLSEN: Steve Kandrac, who was vice president and controller of Sigrid Olsen Inc., a better-price sportswear firm, has been promoted to senior vice president and chief financial officer, a new post. He will continue to be responsible for customer service and distribution.
Candi Reynolds, director of product development and merchandising, has been named to the new post of vice president of product development and merchandising.
Maria Kacha has been named director of sales and marketing for its core collections and private label, while Jude Zimmerman has been named director of sales and marketing for its casual and sport divisions. Both are new posts. Kacha and Zimmerman had been account executives since 1991.

VIRTUAL SHOPPING SEMINAR: The Fashion Roundtable is holding a panel discussion entitled, "Virtual Retailing: Shopping Without Stores," on Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. at the National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South in New York.
Panelists include Fred Siegel, executive vice president of QVC; Bud Konheim, chief executive officer of Nicole Miller; John Pinocci, executive vice president of Home Shopping Network; Donald Levy, chief executive of Lou Levy & Sons, and Tony Longoria, national sales director of Todd Oldham.

ADDITIONS AT SHOWROOM SEVEN: Showroom Seven has added three more collections to its new showroom at 498 Seventh Ave., New York. Two Los Angeles designers, Pamela Barrish and Jane Booke, are establishing a New York presence for the first time through the showroom, and New York designer Jeanette Kastenberg has also joined the showroom. Kastenberg previously sold the line from her own offices.

ROLAND SHOSHAN WINS AWARD: Roland Shoshan has won the Best Designer Award from the Trade Development Council of Hong Kong for his '95 fall-winter collection. Shoshan is expected to receive the award in Hong Kong today. A Hong Kong-based designer, Shoshan has been selling his clothes under the label Shoshan Roland to retailers in Europe and Asia for 10 years, and about three months ago, launched a collection here to be sold to U.S. specialty stores.

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