Michael Kors calls it the "bracelet length," Marc Jacobs calls it a "half-sleeve". But whatever it's called, the new shorter sleeve that's turning up on coats and jacketsthis season goes hand in hand with smaller, ladylike proportions. But will it make it into the stores?
"It's the same as when skirts were very short," says Michael Kors. "We didn't ship skirts as short as on the runway, but left it up to the customer to shorten it. The bracelet-length sleeve is very flattering, but we won't ship everything that way. You have to consider practicality, so we'll be selective about it."
"There are certain fashion stores like Ultimo that want exactly what they saw on the runway, and they expect it to be shipped that way," says Marc Jacobs. "But if a store wants the sleeves longer, we'll do it."
Miuccia Prada disagrees. She showed the shorter sleeve in her Miu Miu collection, and is adamant about it as an aesthetic preference. "When it's bought at that length, it will be shipped at that length," she asserts. "It has nothing to do with practicality, but rather proportion."

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