NEW YORK--Betsey Johnson is out of Bryant Park--for this season.
The junior and contemporary sportswear designer, known for her colorful, form-fitting styles as well as her theatrical runway shows, will show at the Hudson Theater in the Millennium Broadway hotel, 145 West 44th St. here. Her show is scheduled for 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 30.
"Basically, the only reason we're changing is because the venue is 99 percent of the theme, and the theme this season is Broadway," said a spokeswoman for the designer. "It was just too much hassle getting the stage and the curtain and everything else into the tent."
Johnson was scheduled for the smaller of the two Bryant Park tents, the Josephine Pavilion. The spokeswoman said the hotel venue, which seats about 600, "is slightly smaller" than Josephine, which holds about 800.
"We wanted to do something a bit more intimate this time," she said. "But we'll be back in the tents next season."

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