"We got engaged, married, had a honeymoon and a baby in our own order--backwards," said Ian Schrager, explaining the post-wedding revelries he hosted in Southhampton last week.
Schrager, one of New York's premier hoteliers, surprisingly doesn't usually throw big parties, but wanted to give his wife, Rita, a party in honor of their marriage, which actually took place on Valentine's Day.
"It's the first big party I've given without Steve," he said of his late partner, Steve Rubell, who died in 1989. Even some jaded New York party animals are saying it was one of the most spectacular do's they've ever done.
Robert Isabell washed the entire beachfront with purple light and hung hundreds of deeply hued Japanese lanterns on bamboo poles all over the property, which the 300-odd guests--including Calvin and Kelly Klein, Sandy Gallin and Peter Morton--could see from miles away.
Brian McNally of the Royalton's "44" handled the food; there was one server for about every six guests, and the female ones were attired in bikini tops and sarong skirts.
"We wanted the service to be original," said Schrager, "not a sit-down dinner or buffet. We wanted it all to be special, magical, theatrical. When people walked in, they were handed a martini or a glass of champagne. No one ever had to wait for anything. And as for the girls' outfits, Robert said it's always good to have a little skin."
The bride herself was outfitted in a sparkly Norma Kamali silver beaded shift.
Isabell commandeered the Schragers' house, filling it with flowers and blue votive candles, even removing pieces of furniture he didn't like. He created a dance floor on the outdoor terrace, where guests such as Claudia Cohen and Andre Balazs danced well into the night--much to Schrager's surprise.
"I was afraid no one would dance," he said, "and then at 3 a.m., we had to cut the music so they'd stop. It was a mini-nightclub."
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