Byline: Cara Kagan

NEW YORK--Clinique will broadcast the first TV spot in the company's 26-year history next week, a 30-second commercial featuring its top-selling treatment item, Turnaround Cream.
"TV gives us a whole new opportunity to talk to our customer and to a consumer who has not been shopping department stores," said Dan Brestle, president of Clinique.
"We think that, with our positioning, it is necessary to go out and scream a little. We are the first step up from broad to prestige distribution, from a price point of view, and we feel we should be further alerting people that we are a viable line for them."
Brestle noted that previously the company advertised only in print or on radio.
The TV campaign will roll out to 43 markets through the end of this month and run until the beginning of November. It will pick up with a similar schedule in February and March.
Markets will include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Phoenix and Louisville, Ky.
While Clinique executives declined to disclose the TV budget, industry sources estimated the campaign would cost more than $10 million. The cost will be split between the company and its retail partners on a co-op basis. For the first time, the company turned to an outside agency, New York's Hal Riney & Partners, which created the commercial.
The spot features waves washing up on a beach to suggest that Clinique's Turnaround Cream helps smooth fine lines.
"Right now, Turnaround Cream represents around 4.5 percent of our total sales," Brestle said. "We feel that the Turnaround business should represent around 6 percent. We think the campaign will help get us there."
Industry sources estimated Clinique's wholesale volume at $550 million. That would translate into a current volume of $27 million for Turnaround Cream.
"We chose Turnaround Cream because it has been so successful for us and its radio campaigns have worked really well for us," Brestle said. "We also thought that it would be easier to measure a campaign's success on a single item. We may do things differently in future TV campaigns."

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