"I'd rather be home, milking the cow," said Harrison Ford during the premiere of "Clear and Present Danger" at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. But at least Ford showed up--pulling the weight for Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer and James Earl Jones, his co-stars, who didn't show. Ford even promised a fourth portrayal of mild-mannered CIA analyst Jack Ryan, "if I find a good script," he said.
Ann Magnuson was having a clearly dangerous moment while walking down the red carpet in her pal Todd Oldham's very long, sleek black dress and stilettos.
"I'm not wearing any underwear, and I'm sweating like crazy," she blurted.
Director Phillip Noyce recalled one of his most dangerous moments: "When I was shooting 'Dead Calm,' my script fell out of my lap. I reached down for it and flew out the door. The only problem was that I was 250 feet off the ground in a helicopter, and I went with the script. The scary part wasn't how hard you hit [the water], but how far down you go before resurfacing."
Ford didn't find any danger playing Jack Ryan. "It's a fun role. It's a running, jumping, falling-down role." And as for his off-screen persona, Ford is not a dangerous kinda guy: "I lead a really normal life."
With Steve Martin playing banjo and Ted Danson singing cowboy songs in the back of a tractor, things were anything but normal at Doug Cramer's biennial barn dance in Los Olivos, Calif.
"I want you to know that Wolfgang's green card is valid," said Barbara Lazaroff calmly, before she burst into giggles.Lazaroff was referring to her husband, Austrian-born chef Wolfgang Puck, and addressing the driver of a John Deere tractor that ferried guests from the main house at Cramer's La Quinta Norte ranch to the dance site. Six-months pregnant, she wore a red Versace miniskirt and custom-made boots.
Ed Ruscha, Dennis Hopper, Roy Lichtenstein and Mike Medavoy were among other notable dudes at the bash.

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