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Victoria Hearst, the youngest of Randolph Hearst's three daughters--the others are Anne and Patty--has taken the plunge and moved from Beverly Hills to an East Side penthouse. The idea being to be close to her very serious boyfriend, the actor/director Robert Ginty, who is currently lecturing on film studies in New Haven, where he is a Yale Fellow. You all remember Bob Ginty. He co-starred in "The Paper Chase" and "Falcon Crest" TV series, among other acting stints. As for Vicky Hearst, she is an actress and dancer who speaks fluent Japanese and has a black belt in karate, speaking of accomplishments. She has appeared on Japanese TV and on the American soap opera, General Hospital. She met her match when she went to read for Bob Ginty's latest directorial effort, "A Woman of Desire," starring Robert Mitchum and Bo Derek.
So anyhow, Vicky and Bob will spend Christmas with her mother, Catherine Hearst, in Los Angeles before flying off to her house in Telluride for New Year's. Sound good to you? Sounds good to me.

Will the acting Douglases, Kirk, pere, and Michael fils, finally do a movie together? Supposedly, Michael plans to announce it soon. The key word here is supposedly.

Is Lyle Lovett living up to his name in every way? Seemingly spending time with old flames between reunions with his dear wife, Julia Roberts, and supposedly in tears over his forays? The key words here are seemingly and supposedly.

Eddie Fisher, exultant over word that he's just sold his second book, tells all that it's a tell-all, somewhat scandalous, with all the dirty linen hung out to dry. Starring in print are such icons as Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, Connie Stevens and a gaggle of others he didn't get around to marrying. Eddie's first book was a bomb, some say because it was too clean. He didn't want to trash anybody. But that was then, and now's now. The key word here is money.

Carly Simon is currently at work on her newest album, as you surely must have heard somewhere. With Carly in the studio recently was Dirk Ziff--that's Dirk Ziff of the publishing Ziffs, who sold their empire to Ted Forstmann for a billion or so. Dirk wasn't there to romance the diva of pop, but rather to play backup on two of the new album's tracks. You should know that all this is supposed to be a big, big secret. The key question here is why--as in who gives a fig?Princess Diana's stepbrother, Viscount Lewisham, son of Di's once stepmother, Raine, now the Countess de Chambrun, is not letting the marital travails of his stepfamily deter him from a love life of his own. The rumor goes that he's set to propose to a good-looking heiress, Julia Stevenson, who, like William's adorable grandmother, Barbara Cartland, writes romantic novels. The key word here is heiress.

Holland's Crown Prince Willem Alexander Claus George Ferdinand of Orange, a slew of unsuitable lovers notched on his belt, isn't so sure he wants to be his country's next ruler. And how do they feel about him? Among his cute little escapades are crashing his car into a canal after a high old night on the town and bopping around in pants advertising a porn mag. He makes the Prince of Wales look like a candidate for a monastery. Send in the clowns.

Celia Ferris of the Palm Beach Ferrises went back to England, the land of her birth, specifically to the House of Lords to launch the book she sponsored, called, surprise, "The House of Lords: A Thousand Years of British Tradition," by historians Robert Smith and John Moore. To celebrate it all, Celia gave a party in the ballroom at Claridge's, which she stuffed to bursting with titles and such, among them the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, the Duke and Duchess of St. Albans, Lord Lichfield, the Duchess of Norfolk, the Earl of Dudley, Minnie and Winston Churchill and Bronwen Astor. Celia's octogenarian daddy, Sydney Lipton, an orchestra leader who once played the Palace--as in Buckingham--was there, too, and also at the book's launching the next day in the Cholmondley Room at the House of Lords where Celia ended her speech with a quote from Sir Walter Scott's famous poem, the one that goes: "Breathes there a man with soul so dead who never to himself has said, etc." Hey, many an eye misted over, and many an adam's apple bobbed up and down.

Lisa and Jack Anderson leave Palm Beach in early February for an extensive trip to the Orient, a five-week sojourn with stops in Rangoon, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. But before they fly off, they plan to give a grand dinner party for Lord and Lady Anthony Hamilton, who'll pop over from Northern Ireland to be guests of honor at this year's Hospice Ball at The Breakers in Palm Beach on Jan. 15.
In that resort, they've really pumped up the party volume with such worthies as Mrs. Walter (Renee) Wood, Mrs. Felix (Fern) de Narvaez and Mrs. Henry (Joanne) Breyer acting as chairmen of the Hospice Ball. And Palm Beach hospitality goes way over the top when it comes to visiting firemen--especially if those firemen are visiting Brits. The Hamiltons will spend a week with Renee Wood--Lady Hamilton is head of the Hospice in her native land--before nipping off to Eleuthera to meet Lady Hamilton's brother, the Duke of Abercorn, hear, hear.
Other titles luxuriating in PB presently are the Archduke and Archduchess Karl von Hapsburg, who have joined an entourage of at least 20 more Hapsburgs there--imagine--before taking off for the sunny shores of Port Antonio in Jamaica for the Christmas and New Year's holiday. The Archduchess, first name Francesca, is the daughter of billionaire German art collector Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, who owns a huge house in Port Antonio quite suitable for royal Hapsburgs--and then some, thank Gott.Carolyne Roehm, whose new Sutton Place apartment decorated by Mica Ertegun and Chessy Rayner, is a thing of beauty and a joy forever, is leaving after the holidays for a little adventure in Paris, where she'll take courses in cooking and--who knows--maybe even flower arranging--and make a pit stop or two or more at the Balmain atelier, where her buddy Oscar de la Renta will be designing his latest collection.

On Jan. 5, young friends of the Henry Street Settlement House will be the guests of Yves Saint Laurent at the first American showing of his Rive Gauche Spring 1995 collection, where all who wish may order directly from the entire collection exactly as it was recently shown in Paris. Yves's holiday gift to New York will be a percentage of sales generated by the committee during January, which will be donated to the Henry Street settlement. After the show, there will be a Robbins Wolfe-catered reception at the Saint Laurent Madison Avenue boutique honoring Henry Street's upcoming spring gala. In the crowd will be Laurent Levaseur, ceo of Saint Laurent in America, Virginia Warner, the Harry Slatkins, Alison Mazzola, Helen Bransford and Jay McInerney, Milly de Cabrol, Cornelia Guest, Couri Hay, Anne Hearst, Patty and Marty Raynes, Laura and Jonathan Tisch, Princess Lana Wolkonsky, Beth Rudin DeWoody and scores of others just like them.

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