It was a hugfest at the premiere of "Corrina Corrina" in the Westwood part of L.A. the other night. When Whoopi Goldberg, director Jessie Nelson and Liza Minnelli arrived, they all huddled, embracing each other over and over again.
Once past the throng, Goldberg talked earnestly about playing a nanny for the third time.
"Maids were women who gave people their first light of love, but nobody wants to deal with that. They're noble women and this is an homage to them."
Robin Williams, who recently played a housekeeper himself, added that he had been cared for by a nanny who kept him in line by saying, "Don't do that or I swear you'll be flying." More recently, of course, Williams got even closer to another nanny. He met his wife, Marcia, when she was the nanny of his first child.

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