Byline: Karyn Monget

NEW YORK--Out to keep bodywear a presence in hosiery departments, Danskin Inc. is projecting first-year wholesale sales of $1.5 million for its line of packaged bodywear called Danskin Banded Bodywear.
"The new packaged line of Danskin bodywear was introduced specifically to fit in with the look of hosiery departments and with the packaging of legwear in those areas," said Mary Anne Domuracki, Danskin president.
The look of the packaged bodywear also ties in with a line of Danskin banded tights, which also have black and white visuals. The tights were introduced in stores this fall.
The banded bodywear line began shipping to stores last month for holiday retailing. One of the first stores to have the merchandise on the floor is Macy's West in San Francisco.
"We developed the program because we found customers were used to buying their ankle pants and leotards in hosiery departments, but many retailers have moved these items to active sport areas," said Domuracki.
She further noted that Danskin wanted to "provide hosiery buyers with products that were new and different, and at a higher retail price point than hosiery."
There are seven packaged styles: a high-neck bodysuit; a turtleneck bodysuit; a tank bodysuit; a bra top; bike pants; leggings, and an ankle unitard.
Colors are black, white and ready-to-wear brights. Sizes are small, medium and large.
Wholesale prices start at $8.10 for the bra top and go to $17.55 for the tank unitard.
All styles are of a lighter-weight Supplex and Lycra spandex than the unpackaged line of Danskin bodywear. The packaged items are meant to be worn on the street, said Domuracki, while the unpackaged goods are geared to performance wear.
The packaging for each item features a black and white photo of a dancer wearing the style.
This is not the first time Danskin has packaged its bodywear. The company sold its bodywear in envelope packaging in the Seventies but moved away from the concept in the Eighties.

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