The Parrish Art Museum in Southampton dropped the word “gala” from its annual fund-raising bash this year, and infused a little soul. In fact, with Donna Karan and Mary Emmerling as co-chairs, the “Art & Soul” benefit was a dress-down, down-home event honoring artists who live and work in the Hamptons.
Among those under the tent on the museum’s lawn were April Gornik and Eric Fischl, Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas, Ellin and Renny Saltzman and Nicola Bulgari, whose company sponsored the cocktail party.
Bulgari said he is a big collector of contemporary art but admitted, “I do have a few dogs in my closet.”
Karan documented the evening with her point-and-shoot camera, while her daughter, Gaby, clearly enjoyed her role as a chairman of the post-dinner associates’ dance.
Once dinner was over, the disco music was cranked up. That sent the Old Guard fleeing as the PYTs cut loose.
“Sweat a little, then get out,” said Fischl as he headed to his car.
The police eventually showed up to turn down the volume, but the revelers raged on.