The folks from Christian Dior hosted a fashion-packed dinner there Monday night. Paloma Picasso has planned a party in honor of the Antonio Lopez Exhibition there for Friday. Since it opened two weeks ago, Le Doyen, near the Champs Eysées, has become the restaurant du moment in Paris.
The opening party last week was no exception.
Actress Arielle Dombasle sang to celebrate the occasion, and impressed everyone with her voice. "She has a good old-fashioned voice, but you know Christian can sing, too," said movie producer Richard Roth, referring to Christian Louboutin.
But the shoe designer was too busy showing off his new peach-colored feather puff to start belting. The small puff, he pointed out, can accessorize hair or shoes.
"Girls have short pastel mohair sweaters and I have this," he teased. Also on hand was Amira Casara, who donned her insect glasses for the evening.
"Now I'm going to bug off," she said, disappearing into the night with her boyfriend Vincent Risterucci. She just missed Susan Gutfreund, who arrived later with Henri Samuel, the exclusive decorator.

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