Over the weekend in Connecticut, Chuck Scarborough of the TV anchormen Scarboroughs married Ellen Ward, who runs her own interior design and architectural restoration firm in Chicago, after meeting her on a blind date over a year ago. Just now the newlyweds are packing to go off on their honeymoon, and it's all pretty wonderful. The Scarboroughs were at the opening of the Metropolitan Opera Monday night where Ellen, a dark-haired beauty, turned heads in a long, white dress wrapped so tightly around her it must have hurt in places.

Do you really want to know just how Jack Nicholson presented Rebecca Broussard, the mother of his two youngest children, with that big diamond ring you read about here last week? It's really rather cute. He had their two kiddies take it to mommy Rebecca and say it was from daddy with love. Darling, just darling.

French publicist Yannou Collart read in the French papers that Yves Saint Laurent would like to dress Brooke Shields. So Yannou, a friend, sent Brooke the clipping, saying isn't this amusant or quelque chose. Brooke said she'd love to have the couture house do something for her, so Yannou put Brooke in touch with Pierre Bergé, Yves's alter ego, and now Yves has started the creating process. Will it be her wedding dress when she and Andre Agassi marry in December, maybe? And will Dean Cain (Superman on "Lois and Clark"), who went to Princeton with Brooke and gave her first kiss, be at the wedding? That's what friends are for.

Timothy Hutton just left Paris for Cannes to start filming "Paris Match" opposite Meg Ryan. He plays an American doctor who flies off to France for a medical meeting. Meg plays his fiancee who doesn't want to go along for the ride. Until she finds out her medicine man has taken up with a young French thing when Meg, kicking and screaming, takes the first plane over. On which she meets an American businessman played by Kevin Kline. The doctor gives up his Gallic cutie--too late. Meg has fallen for Kevin, and Tim's left with his stethoscope in mid-air, ooolala. Lawrence Kasdan is directing this epic. Ten days in the South of France has to be just what the doctor ordered after "Wyatt Earp."Daryl Hannah, far from languishing and fading away to nothing after her final (?) parting from John Kennedy, was spotted at a Santa Monica supermarket stocking up on beer and ice cream and giggling with her companion, a macho, buffed gentleman, pretty as a picture, with long dark hair and terminal muscles. Any old port in a storm.

"It's a true romance....It will survive long after the trashy media bandwagon has moved on." Thus spake Robert Altman on the Julia Roberts-Lyle Lovett marriage. Of course, we all know Altman directed the two in his upcoming "Pret-a-Porter," so maybe he knows something.

Twiggy, once the most famed of models and catwalk figures (either Kate Moss is today's answer to Twiggy or Twiggy was the reason for the Kate Moss phenomenon), was photographed in London looking large and dowdy, not much helped by her outfit, a crop-top showing too much middle and a short peasant-type skirt with white cowboy boots. Sic transit--and it's a shame.

A Night At The Opera: The Metropolitan Opera opened its 1994-95 season Monday night in a glittering evening to remember with the two greatest living tenors, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti onstage in "Il Tabarro" and "Pagliacci," respectively, and Teresa Stratas in both of them, singing and slithering and spread-eagling her way across the Met's stage in a dazzling performance that might have made Maria Callas sit up and salute.
The Opera House was filled to the top tier and the photographers were busy shooting (with cameras, please) Miss Sharon Stone, who looked beautiful in black Valentino surrounded by bodyguards and sitting out the intermission in the ladies room. You know how it is when you're a star. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were there, too, and so was Michael Douglas, with a new short haircut that makes him look younger and beautiful-er. If he were a woman he could have kissed his barber. Since he is definitely not a woman, the least he could have done is tip lavishly. Michael was there with his decorative wife Diandra in an off-the-shoulder black velvet dress and a diamond and pearl cross.
As usual, the dazzling event was masterminded by Cecile Zilkha, the Met's chairman of special events, who may have looked like a little rose petal (as she did in her rosy, ruffled chiffon), but runs these things like the super ceo of a giant corporation, raising money in vast sums, while oozing charm and grace.
After the performance, there was a supper for the big donors and the cast on the Grand Tier and Dress Circle for more than 550 guests. Glorious Food purveyed caviar tart, pasta with lobster, shrimp and mushrooms and a gala pistachio ice cream cake. Philip Baloun, as usual, decorated the tables with towering hydrangea centerpieces on branch pedestals with moss, grapes and autumn leaves at the bases.
And this is who was there: Lauren and John Veronis; Oscar and Annette de la Renta; Mercedes (in a black Balmain) and Sid Bass; Barbara Amiel and Conrad Black; Jayne Wrightsman; Beverly Sills and Peter Greenough; Kitty Carlisle Hart; the Met's honorary chairman, Mrs. Gilbert Humphrey; Nada and Nemir Kirdar; Lee (Mrs. Walter) Annenberg in little-green-apples green; Deeda and Bill Blair; Betsy Bloomingdale with Joe Hannan; Schyler Chapin; Emelia and Pepe Fanjul; Nancy Kissinger (Henry was off at a dinner for the President of Argentina); Gretchen and Eugene Grisanti; Lucky Roosevelt of the Washington Roosevelts; Bootsie and Evan Galbraith; Lana and Nicky Forstmann; Chris and Bruce Crawford (he is the Met's president); Patty and Gustavo Cisneros; the Frank Bennacks; Astrid and Kip Forbes; the James Kinnears (he is the Met's chairman of the board); the Kurt Masurs of the New York Philharmonic; Georgette and Robert Mosbacher; Carroll Petire in velvet and paillettes by Arnold Scaasi; Charles Ryskamp; Alexandra and Arthur Schlesinger; Jerry Zipkin; the Joseph Volpes (he is the Met's general manager); Ezra Zilkha; the Selim Zilkhas, and on and on into the night. Pavarotti showed up at the supper in his complete clown outfit from "Pagliacci," garish makeup and all. The man thinks it adds to his mystique--and he's an old mystiquer from way back. Bravo, braco and bis, bis.

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