Number of New York City daily papers, including WWD, with on-site staff covering the shows:7 (also the Times, Post, Daily News, Sun, Newsday and newbie amNew York.)

Number of student newspapers covering the shows: 1 (the Indiana University Daily Student)

Number of Daily Student staff covering the shows: 3

Number of New York Daily News staff covering the shows: 3

Number of domestic Vogue editors and photographers registered to attend: 37

Number of editors and photographers from 10 international editions of Vogue registered to attend: 37

Odds that the journalist’s shoes you just stepped on belong to someone from an edition of Vogue: 1 in 17.

Number of Business Week staff registered to attend: 1 (“special assistant to the editor-in-chief” Christine Summerson. Have fun, honey.)

Number of editors from eBay registered to attend:1 (style director Constance White.)

Number of front-row seats guaranteed to be up for grabs: 1 (Former Fashion Wire Daily editor in chief Godfrey Deeny up and moved to Europe months ago, but he still had a seat saved at Kenneth Cole’s show Friday. But you may have to fight former Bergdorf Goodman’s fashion director James Aguiar for the seat; it’s said he’s covering the shows for the Web site.)

Number of additional foreign photographers expected to attend: 600+

Number of digital images a Getty Images photographer takes of one model’s walk down the catwalk: 100+

Number of photographer “survival kits” distributed by host sponsor Olympus for Fashion Week: 600

Item photographers most often bring (besides their cameras): a stool.

Number of Krispy Kreme doughnuts expected to be fed to photographers this week: 2,000

Pounds of chocolate hearts available at Redken’s booth if the doughnuts aren’t enough: 75Number of full-size Redken samples being given away at the same booth: 30,000

Contents of the open bar stocked by the airline Song: 48 bottles of Finlandia Lime, 48 bottles of Southern Comfort, and 12 gallons of pineapple juice.

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