Makeup artist Petros Petrohilos tapped Juliette Greco for inspiration when creating the makeup look for Paul Smith’s show. Petrohilos focused on graphic, dark eyes against the backdrop of an almost bare complexion. “It’s all about the eyes,” said Petrohilos, who used gel and liquid eyeliner to create the look. Top and bottom lashes were coated with mascara, while faces were treated with a light veil of powder and lips with a barely-there slick of lip balm.

Hairstylist Peter Gray opted for an updo meant to recall the shape of a hat. “It’s between a bun and a chignon,” he said. Hair, which was first treated with thickening spray, was slicked back at the sides using gel, while it was backcombed at the front and top to create a contrast of textures. “The more matted the better,” said Gray. “It’s elegant but relaxed with an edgy feel.”

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