Fashion’s new digs at Lincoln Center.
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Special Issue
WWD Collections issue 11/08/2010

In New York, opinions on fashion week’s move to Lincoln Center were varied prior to the shows—some were buzzing about a renewed sense of excitement this could bring, while others were fearful about the schlep to the Upper West Side. In the end, hardly anyone had a bad thing to say about the new location for the tents. The fashion crowd lauded the spacious environment, use of natural daylight, taxi availability and Josie Robertson Plaza, which offered ample space for teams to congregate, meet or just breathe for a few minutes. And pricing was the same for Lincoln Center as it was for venues in Bryant Park.

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“Somehow it felt less anxiety-provoking by not being in the center of town,” Isaac Mizrahi said. Prabal Gurung was also a fan. “The magnitude of the place itself, the buildings, what it represents historically…you don’t feel it until you go there,” Gurung said.

People were also high on the new Fashion GPS check-in system, the check-in desks, screens to direct people to the right venue, and little white printouts with seating information—though it reminded some people of a different place. “It’s like being on Jet Blue,” Marjorie Gubelmann said. “I love it.”