NEW YORK — DuPont Textiles & Interiors will be launching an extension of several revolutionary concepts at the Lyon, Mode City trade fair in Lyon, France this Sunday.

They are applications on yarn-based finishes and microincapsulated fabric treatments that claim to deliver cosmetic and well-being benefits.

The first products to be unveiled and marketed will be Body Care by Lycra, which will offer freshness, moisturizing and massage applications to intimate apparel and hosiery. DTI’s Body Care innovations at Lyon will be followed by other concepts, including aromatherapy; firming and anticellulite applications, and tanning properties in a wide range of apparel, beginning in 2004.

Meg Burich, DTI’s new business development director, said the “unique stretch and recovery properties of Lycra are an integral part of delivering these new functionalities, and consumer research shows ready acceptance of the Lycra brand linked to well-being benefits.”

Bill Ghitis, president of global apparel, said DTI believes there is a “big opportunity for the apparel industry to capitalize on one of today’s most powerful lifestyle trends.” He added that he sees growing consumer interest with physical and emotional well-being as an attractive, sustainable market that already has stimulated new business growth in sectors as diverse as cosmetics, nutrition, health, leisure and travel.

“It calls for a new form of apparel creativity and we have it,” said Ghitis. “Through this new Body Care by Lycra collection, we can help retailers and brands differentiate everyday products in ways that have strong consumer appeal and interest.”

Burich noted research conducted by DTI confirms both women and men like the idea of well-being in clothes, especially items worn close to the body. Applications of freshness, massage and moisturizing “all rated extremely high in terms of consumer interest,” she said.

“We undertook a thorough investigative process to be sure of three things: that we understood the benefits most relevant to consumers in specific garment categories, that we had the technology to deliver these at a meaningful level and that we could provide the product assurance and marketing support needed to make this a realistic proposition for mainstream brands and retailers,” said Burich.

Ghitis said the Body Care by Lycra concept is based on technology from DTI’s research and development, as well as alliances with other textile concerns and suppliers to the cosmetics industry.“The industry needs broad input to drive textile science in ways that will generate business growth,” he said. “Although DTI’s own R&D pipeline is strong, we’re ready to put our product development resources and market access knowledge at the disposal of others. The more hot ideas we can ship, the more we all benefit.”

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