NEW YORK — After an hour of talking up the power of calcium at a Lord & Taylor wellness luncheon, tennis star Chris Evert offered her take on today’s tennis fashion.

The 18-time Grand Slam winner said she likes what female players are wearing, especially the dresses.

“That’s what we wore in the Seventies. People forget we wore the little dresses with cut-outs and halters,” she said, referring to some of the numbers she wore for her former sponsors, Modessa and Ellesse.

Venus Williams is Evert’s favorite player in the fashion department, outranking her sister, Serena. The corset dress Diane von Furstenberg designed for Venus Williams for Wimbledon won points with Evert.

“Venus is more elegant but still sexy, plus she has that long, lanky body — she can wear anything,” Evert said.

There’s not too much attention on the players’ appearances and enough on their performance, she said.

“With someone like Anna Kournikova, it’s her looks that attract the attention,” she said. “If she’s going to bring along a lot more people to the tennis matches or to watch tennis, that’s great for tennis.”

Evert, who was decked out in a hot pink Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit, runs the Evert Tennis Academy with her brother in Boca Raton, Fla. Through an endorsement deal, she wears a lot of Nike these days, even in the Citracal commercial for calcium supplements.

Meanwhile, with the National Football League season under way, CBS Sports commentator Bonnie Bernstein was busy shopping at L&T for her on-air wardrobe. Tucked away in a private dressing room with a personal shopper, the sportscaster was trying on size 2 sportswear from the likes of DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, A.B.S. and Kenneth Cole.

L&T has outfitted the announcer for the past few years. Standing in a pair of brown wool knickers and a leather and wool zip-front jacket, Bernstein said her look has loosened up.

“For the first few seasons, I was mostly wearing suits and my hair was cut short. I looked like a newscaster, but I wanted people to listen to what I was saying,” said the former Academic All American. “Now that I’ve established my identity, Lord & Taylor has helped me to bring out more of my personality in my clothing.”Mother Nature tends to be Bernstein’s greatest fashion foe.

“One of the hardest things that gets me in November and December is the weather,” she said. “In Green Bay, it can be 20 below and snowing. It’s tough to be fashionable when it’s so cold. I’ve gotten so many comments about my hats.”

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