DOG DAY AFTERNOON: Owners thought they had died and gone to doggie heaven on Tuesday when Saks Fifth Avenue threw a Mommy & Puppy tea benefitting the Animal Medical Center. Ladies and their canine offspring, including Emilia Fanjul and Rumba, one of her four labs; Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler and her dachshund, Pontoufle, who couldn’t contain himself; Beth Buccini and Olive; Sarah Easley and Spike; Blaine Trump and her Pearl, and Patricia Lansing and Vito packed the eighth floor where their pets munched on tons of treats and could do everything from getting their portrait snapped against a floral background to having their pooch’s aura deconstructed by clairvoyant Christine Devenney.

“Why does my Lhasa Apso bite?” Rosalie Brinton asked of her perfectly groomed dog, Xue, whose foot-long hair flopped in his eyes.

Devenney closed her eyes, swirled her hand around, claiming to realign Xue’s liver line, which controls his anger. “He’s channeling your aura,” she told Brinton, suggesting the owner was very self-protective. “He also may beblindsided by his hair,” she added, hinting that a haircut may be the answer.

Author and dog-whisperer Bash Dibra signed his new book and greeted several of his clients. “I published Dogue back in the Eighties,” he said. “It was a parody, where we dressed dogs up in fashions. Now these women really do it,” he said gesturing to a terrier that wiggled by wearing a clear plastic raincoat from the line Woof Wear, sold in Saks’ dog boutique. Also there to make the cash register sing: Smythson’s Vet Visit notebooks, Brioche from Le Chien Gourmet and plenty of pooch-sized sweaters.

RED RELOADED: Fresh from dressing Lisa Kudrow in a red gown at the Golden Globes, Heidi Weisel will outfit Carrie-Anne Moss in the saucy color for “The Matrix: Reloaded” premiere tonight at the Cannes film festival. Moss’ gown, which was spotted by Los Angeles-based stylist Deborah Waknin, is different than Kudrow’s and features a red cap-sleeved cashmere bodice and matching chiffon skirt.

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