GUCCI EXIT: Marybeth Schmitt has resigned as director of public relations and special events for Gucci America after 10 months in the post. Schmitt characterized her exit as a personal decision and has not yet defined her next move. Schmitt’s successor has yet to be named.

ROUND TWO: Kean Etro wasn’t too keen on Ron Galotti’s behavior at the party Etro threw at Bergdorf Goodman Thursday. As reported, Galotti got into a scuffle with Fashion Wire Daily’s Godfrey Deeny, which had to be broken up by security guards. A GQ insider acknowledged a scuffle occurred, but claimed Deeny was the instigator and that Etro had even asked Galotti to a drink after the fight as a way to show there were no hard feelings. But Etro, in a telephone call from Milan on Tuesday, had an entirely different story of how things transpired. Etro didn’t see the fight break out, but was told by a witness that it was the GQ publisher who threw the first two punches. As for his subsequent drink with Galotti, Etro said it was simply an effort to calm him down.

"He told me, ‘Sometimes in life you have to settle things like that,’" Etro said. "Me, I’m looking in whatever I do in life for a decent truth. It is nice on Mr. Galotti’s part if things can happen that way, [settling things with his fists] and they do, but for me it is a question of manners. I was receiving the guests at the party like they were part of my family and showing something that deals with beauty, elegance and good taste."

Galotti, through a spokeswoman, declined comment.

LADIES’ NIGHT: For one night a week starting Monday, the famous Paris night spot Man Ray will morph into Woman Ray. The restaurant-club, opened by Johnny Depp, Sean Penn and Mick Hucknall in 1999 and a magnet for young trendies ever since, now aims to become "the" networking place for women in the French capital. It already sent out about 1,000 membership cards to women from fashion, business and the arts and lined up sponsors including MAC, Stéphane Marais and Moët & Chandon.

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